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Lawyers in Marbella and Madrid


Abogados Watson is a law firm in Marbella and Madrid that works in the different legal branches, offering complete legal advice to both companies and individuals.

We have been offering personalised legal advice in Marbella for years. We have lawyers who specialise in every branch of law, and in what it means to practice law in an area such as the Costa del Sol.

Whatever your situation or problem, if you need a lawyer in Marbella or Madrid do not hesitate to contact Watson Lawyers. We understand that the lawyer’s job is very particular and sensitive when dealing with the personal situations of our clients, and that is why we put above all qualities such as reliability and honesty in our way of working.

Our main lawyers’ office is in Marbella, but we also have lawyers in Madrid, Valladolid and Alicante. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to call us on (+34) 637 058 570 or send an email to

Foreign law: residency in Spain



Golden Visa

Expulsion orders

National documentation


We help you manage your residence or nationality in Spain.

Living in Spain is a luxury that unfortunately not everyone can afford. At Watson Lawyers we have lawyers who specialise in immigration, who will help you to get the type of residence in Spain that best suits your situation.

In addition, if you are planning to make an investment in the country, we will help you to obtain residency by investment, also known as Golden Visa.

If you wish to acquire Spanish nationality, we will advise you on this matter.

If you are in Spain illegally, our lawyers will help you to see the viability of legalising your situation in the shortest time possible. 

Civil law






At Watson Lawyers we have lawyers from all over Spain who specialize in different branches of civil law.

We help you with your divorce, whether by mutual agreement or not, and with any disputes you may have as a result of the custody of your children, offering for this purpose both mediation and the legal process itself.

We are experts in inheritance procedures, always offering each of our clients the most advantageous option for them.

Real estate: buying and selling properties

Buying and selling


Communities of owners


If you are thinking of buying a property in Spain and are looking for advice on how to do things right, you are in the right place. Our professionals have been working in this sector for years and know exactly what work needs to be done to ensure your interests are protected and you are confident and satisfied with your investment.

In addition, we will help you to understand all the advantages of buying a property in Spain.

If you are thinking of renting a property, our lawyers can do all the paperwork for you, and make sure your interests are well protected.

We are also experienced in representing Communities of Owners, collecting debts from defaulters or assisting as advisors to Owners’ Meetings.

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