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Residency Permit in Spain

To live legally in any country one must be a legal resident. To get the residency permit, you need to fulfill certain requirements.

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We have been working on foreign law since 2014, helping hundreds of people get the residency permit that best suits their situation.


We adjust our prices to your budget as well as offering you different payment plans.

You don’t even need to be here, we can apply for your residency permit for you as your legal representatives.

What requirements do I have to fulfill?

Here is where we can help you best. For each person and circumstance there is an ideal type of residency. It will be different if you only want to live here than if you want to work as well. It’s also different if you want to actually live here or only have the residency to be able to come or travel through Europe whenever you want. You may also want to know which the best type of residency is for your family, etc.

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Other services

We are specialized in different areas of Foreign Law in Spain. How can we help you?

Buying & Selling Properties

Buying or selling a property whilst living elsewhere can be very difficult. Rely on professionals in the country like us to take care of everythig for you.

Golden Visa in Spain

We help you obtain Spanish Residency through your investments in Spain. 

Spanish Residency and Nationality

If you can’t fulfill the requirements for Golden Visa don’t worry. There are plenty of ways in which we can assist you to get your Spanish residency or nationality.

Already have a NIE?

I already have an NIE number, do I need another document?

The NIE number is a foreign identification number issued only for tax and administration purposes. It is different from a residency permit, which you need if you want to live in Spain.

Residency for all the family

What does a residency permit let me do?

You can live legally in Spain for as long as your residency permit lasts. Also, you have the guarantee that as long as you keep renewing it when it’s mandatory, you will have your permission to reside in Spain.

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through the process of obtaining your Spanish residency.

Golden Visa

Obtain now Spanish residency with a Golden Visa by investing in Spain.

Buying & Selling Properties

Buying or selling properties in Spain could require multiple actions. Let us assist you!

Spanish Residency

There are plenty of ways of getting your Spanish residency, and we can help you in the process!

Other Legal Actions

We are experts in many other Legal areas in Spain: Inhertitance, Marriage, Nationality…


Common Questions

If I live in a country that is part of the EU, do I need a residency permit?

Yes, of course. The procedure is easier and faster, but you still need to get your residency.

How much do I need to invest

In order to get your Golden Visa you need to invest a minimum of €500,000 in Spain. In that case, you wouldn’t even need to live here, and we could easily get your residency for you.

If you can’t invest this amount of money there are plenty of other ways we can help you and your family get the Spanish residency.

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Give us a call or leave us a message and we will get back to you in less than 24h.

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We offer our Spain-related Legal services to clients all around the world. 

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